Final Round

Congratulations to all the teams that submitted video presentations to “Venezuela- Energy Solutions for the Future”! Great job!

Fifty-two presentations were submitted. Over 80 judges participated and provided each team with at least 5 independent evaluations. The Semifinal Judges have submitted their scores and it is time to reveal the Finalists of our international competition! 

All the presentations showed deep thought and creative solutions to the prompt. Every team should be proud of their efforts. If your team is not listed below, you will not be moving forward in the Competition and you will receive a certificate of participation soon. 
Special recognition to our Mentors and Semifinals Judges for volunteering your time to the event and making the competition possible.
You can watch the video of the Final Live event held on the 22nd May on our YouTube channel.
Don't forget to participate in the International Switch Energy Case Competition during Fall 2021, if you are still a student by then. 


USD 2,000

Team 55 – STEP

Carlos Correa, Jesús Pereira, Jozuely Perez, and Oriana PetitjeanMentor: Maria B. Soto 


USD 1,300

Team 38 – Caracas Energy Alliance 2.0

Emilio Darriba Leguen, Gabriel de Jesús Valdez Ginestre, Melissa Naybí Delepiani Pérez, and Marysol Milagros Mijares Armas

Mentor: Edwin Perez


USD 800

Team 54 – Palapa Wetan Consulting

Saeful Ghofar Zamianie Putra, Vincentius Adven Brilian, I Putu Fadya, and Putu Mahendrayana

Mentor: Sandra W. Rushworth


USD 400

Team 36 – ECOM

Eduardo Andrés Pernalete López, Marcel Arunas Rosales Tejero, Otto Rafael Graff Matos, and Alejandro Hung Halmoguera

Mentor: Roderick Perez


USD 300

Team 30 – CANROCK 

Cole Narfason, Dilpreet Khehra, Mateo Roa Alonso, and Haseeb Khalid

Mentor: Elias Kassabji


USD 200

Team 10 – BET

Estefania Galeano, Javier Pulido, Aitana García, and Luis Perozo

Mentor: Emiro Vásquez

Get to know the judges

Meet our distinguished panel of judges. Their wealth of experience, vision and insights will decide the winner of this exciting challenge!

Lorna Campbell

O&G Business Development

Former ExxonMobil Exploration and New Ventures Vice President, leading a diverse team of geoscientists, engineers, and commercial experts to evaluate new upstream oil & gas exploration opportunities in Asia-Pacific. Over 20 years of experience in exploration, development, and production of oil & gas fields around the world, predominantly in management positions, and a key member of the design team transforming the upstream organization. Currently evaluating strategies and positions to lead the ongoing supply of energy and the energy system transformation.

Temur Akhmedov

Green Energy & Sustainability

International expert of resource efficiency, renewable energy, green building, and behavioral change. Over 15 years of experience developing multi-year energy strategies for entities with large portfolios of facilities. Regular public speaker addressing diverse audiences: from students to government officials, from homeowners to real state developers. An active member of several environmental groups and public organizations; launched the Green Building Council of Uzbekistan in 2019.

Lorena Moscardelli

Geoscience Research & Development

Leader of the State of Texas Advanced Resource Recovery Program at the Bureau of Economic Geology, UT Austin, conducting research to increase the efficient production and profitability of energy resources. More than 20 years of Geoscience experience in both the energy industry and academia. Multiple publications on a wide range of topics, from deep water deposits/processes to planetary geology; recently awarded the Medal of Merit for the best paper related to Canadian Petroleum Geology.

Tomás Mata

O&G Technical Integration

Founding partner of Latam Oil & Gas Corp., in charge of evaluating exploration and development opportunities in South America. Vast experience leading the development of fields around the globe through strategic growth by improving capital efficiency in drilling and facility investments, introducing technologies to boost production and to reduce lifting costs, and adding resources and reserves. Passionate to drive new ideas on GHG emission reductions and decarbonization.

Irene Petkoff

Sustainability & Stakeholder Management

Independent consultant and CEO of Futuro Común supporting companies, governmental, and non-governmental organizations to achieve their sustainability objectives. With extensive experience in Corporate HSE (Health Safety Environmental), leading the development and implementation of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) policies and strategies, while building constructive relationships with multiple stakeholders. Certified coach and trainer on environmental/social risk in the oil and gas industry, helping to align organizational objectives to the UN Sustainability Development Goals.

Grand Live Final

Final Q&A Event, May 22

09:00 Houston / 15:00 London / 16:00 Berlin / 19:30 New Delhi

Click here for the live event